Wolfoo, Come Here with Mommy! - Baby Wolfoo's First Steps - Kids Stories About Baby | Wolfoo Channel

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Wolfoo, Come Here with Mommy! - Baby Wolfoo's First Steps - Kids Stories About Baby | Wolfoo Channel
Baby Wolfoo is slower to walk than his friends. But Mom is still very persistent in teaching baby Wolfoo to walk and is happy to see baby Wolfoo's first steps. Mom's love for Wolfoo is great, isn't it? Let's enjoy more kids stories about baby Wolfoo!
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The episodes in video:
00:00 Wolfoo, Come Here with Mommy!
03:17 Grandpa, Is baby Wolfoo or Lucy Easier to Take Care of?
06:40 Stop, Baby Lucy! Don't Stand Up in Shopping Cart
09:02 Baby Jenny Has Fun with Pop It Costumes
11:16 Wolfoo, Baby Jenny Turns Into a Chocolate Baby!
14:36 Wolfoo, Mommy Pregnant Baby Sister or Baby Brother?
17:08 Wolfoo Like to Tease Lucy Since He Was a Baby
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