Wide Body Morris Minor on a Celette car frame machine for a complete restoration at Retropower UK

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It's Nat's turn to give you the weekly tour of Retropower HQ this week, and what a week it's been! We've been flat out assembling Project Utah, plumbing in ancillaries, finalizing its interior, and making full use of our CAD suite and 3D printer to design various custom styling parts, not least its intake grilles and centre console prototype.

Both the Stratos and the Murray Escort have progressed nicely this week, as has Project Connery, our Jensen restomod build. James spent part of the week sorting, then bolting various LS ancillaries and perfecting its belt train, while over in the Metalwork Workshop you'll now find the custom chassis built for this project by 'Mr Jensen,' Ron Clay.

It's been a case of more of the same when it comes to the Morris Minor, with Stu's week having been spent painstakingly fabricating its drivers' side wing into existence. It's a trickier task than you might assume, what with the need to replicate the opposing side precisely. Watch out for liberal use of Cardboard Aided Design.

The Mustang continues to progress slowly, though Gaz has rebuilt its front-end and has started to perfect the otherwise shocking panels gaps - because it's an American car from the sixties, of course.
Check out Retropower channel to follow everything that goes on in their shop :

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