Welcome to the Next Industrial Revolution ft. Terry Thiele | ASP 2020 Virtual Conference

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Join Terry Thiele, an expert in strategic planning and issues advocacy, for his masterclass talk during the 2020 Association for Strategic Planning Virtual Conference.

Terry guides clients in improving their analysis of their current problems and setting strategies for future success, working to ensure that their companies’ finance activities are aligned and synchronized with their overall goals.

Terry has spent his career navigating complex issues to create successful strategies. With over 38 years of combined experience, his roles have spanned across industries and sectors, including the Lubrizol Corporation, GE, AB Electrolux, the Treasury Department, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Executive Office of the President. He has led teams in strategic planning focused on a variety of topics, including scaling up involvement in issue based assessments, building relationships between corporate and government, and environmental coordination and advocacy.

Terry is a graduate of the National War College and received his JD degree from the New York University School of Law and his BA from Princeton University.
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