Vito Scaletta and Tommy Angelo Kill Lincoln Clay

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Vito Scaletta and Tommy Angelo vs. Lincoln Clay. The 3 protagonists of GTA 5 swapped with the Mafia Series main protagonists. GTA V Trevor Death Scene (Optional). Watch Tommy Angelo from Mafia 1 Remake and Vito Scaletta from Mafia 2 whack Lincoln Clay from Mafia 3 in this GTA 5 mod. For Mafia 4 news, leaks, easter eggs, and rumors from Take-Two visit here:
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GTA 5 - Vito Fights Lincoln (ending B):
GTA 5 - Tommy, Vito, Lincoln (ending C):
• Vito Scaletta roasts Franklin (GTA V):
• Mafia 4 Trailer:

Thanks to @huckleberrypie for the Tommy model!


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