TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Karen Funny Moments Compilation!

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Hilarious Karen cringe moments caught on camera!
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Confused about what an SJW is? We've grabbed one of the most accurate definitions available straight from the good old Urban Dictionary: 'person who pretends to be fighting for social justice but in reality is consumed by or a desire for':

* Moral superiority
* Validation from their peers.
* A hatred of anyone with dissenting views.
* A need to destroy or disrupt anything that wasn't built for or by people, that share their gender, race, sexuality etc.

SJWs tend to be left-wing, brainwashed to hate the "Evil White man". possibly because it's the only entity they can hate with complete moral impunity.

Ironically they are not very social, they don't fight for justice, and they are not warriors.'

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