Tim Baby, You Can Light My Fire!

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Welcome to the Corona Virus Tim is now self-isolating, and presenting his videos directly from his apartment, via a web link.

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Another trio of toys from 2005.

First, a plastic snowman. But this snowman is also a spinning top. The head can be removed, once you have turned the head a few times in order to wind him up. The snowman's central button is the switch that releases the spinning top, once it has been wound up.

Next, a Swedish Steel Firelighter. These are more common now than they were in 2005. It creates a spark that is supposedly 3,000 degrees, so that should light your fire. The company was actually called Light My Fire!

Finally, a puzzle from a friend of Tim's called Gary Foshee. It is a corkscrew, and also a puzzle. The handle is a rod and you need to slide it into the body of the corkscrew, but initially the hole is blocked. Tim solves the puzzle!

Gary Foshee is a well know figure in the puzzle world. Some years ago, he gave a talk at a 'Gathering for Gardner' meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. He walked to the lectern to present his talk. It consisted of the following three sentences: “I have two children. One is a boy born on a Tuesday. What is the probability I have two boys?”

The audience was silent as they pondered the question.

“The first thing you think is ‘What has Tuesday got to do with it?'” said Foshee, deadpan. “Well, it has everything to do with it.” And then he stepped down from the stage.

Intrigued? See the article in New Scientist -
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