The New Modded Role is PERFECT for me | DumbDog Among Us

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shout out otto for actively making the mod

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Jester - goal is to get voted out, which ends the game and counts as a solo win

Sheriff - crewmate with the ability to kill the impostors, if they kill a crewmate they kill the crewmate and also die

Snitch - Finish all tasks and an arrow points to the impostors but imps find out who you are

Morphling - Sample & Morph into another player for 10 seconds, replaces one impostor

Phantom - Die and complete a set number of tasks within a round to solo win. All living players can click on the phantom to end their round.

Featuring: 5up, SteveSuptic, TinaKitten, Falcone, geenelly, Ellum, BaseTradeTV, Koji

streamed March 2, 2021
Music used:
Creative Exercise - Mario Paint OST
Prepare to Launch - Madagascar 2 Game (PS2)
FTL Title Theme

edited by :
Mafia 2
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