Swaragini | स्वरागिनी | Ep. 393 | Parvati Calls The Police | पार्वती ने पुलिस को बुलाया

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After being evicted from their house, Shekhar invites the Maheshwaris to his home. Parvati is shocked to see them while Shekhar gives her the boot for all her wrongdoings. Everyone is shattered when Parvati returns with the police and women's welfare workers with a complaint against Shekhar. Later, Parvati asks Ragini to stay with her, but she declines and leaves the house with the others. Will the Maheshwaris ever find solace?

Swaragini' is a story about Swara and Ragini, who belong to warring families, but later realise that they are in fact half-sisters. Out of sheer hatred, Ragini manipulates Swara's love interest, Lakshaya into marriage, while Swara ends up getting married to Lakshya's brother, Sanskar. Once he learns the truth, Sanskar swears to reunite Swara with Lakshya, but in turn falls in love with her. Will Swara choose her lover over her husband, or will the sanctity of holy matrimony triumph?

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