☢️ Stuck With Their Enemy For 1 Hour ☢️ Zodiac Signs ???? Gacha Club ????

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Zodiac Signs Gacha Club Challenge

Fun fact: For 90% of this video I was procrastinating!
But since it’s here, I can’t complain and hopefully y’all will enjoy this

Cetus (Female)
Amber (My Persona) (Female)
Sagittarius (Female)
Pisces (Female)
Aries (Male)
Cancer (Female)
Libra (Male)
Capricorn (Female)
Leo (Male)
Taurus (Male)
Virgo (Female
Aquarius (Female)
Scorpio (Male)
Gemini (Male)

My Ships:
Aries x Sagittarius
Taurus x Cancer
Gemini x Libra
Leo x Pisces
Scorpio x Aquarius
Far Cry 2
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