SpaceX Starbase TX All Unique Footage Boca Chica Beach Texas Space X Star Base SN15 Launch Pad Tower

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This is footage from my visit to SpaceX Starbase, TX on 4/29/21. This particular video is muted due to mic/camera issues, but future videos should have sound. The video speed can be adjusted to play faster or slower depending on your preference. This is a variety of video clips from the production area and launch pad area. I will add descriptions and location subtitles in future videos for quick reference. Some of the zoomed in shots have some wind shake. I'm trying out some different solutions to reduce it as much as possible, but Boca Chica is mostly very windy and that has a larger effect the more zoomed in I am. I have also figured out how to blur workers faces in my video editing software but it is a pretty time consuming manual process. There is no magic button to perfectly auto blur all human faces. So I'll try to start blurring any super close ups of faces, but there is no way to blur large groups or crowds of people.

All video is filmed by me and is not available anywhere else. I am a one man band running the whole show. Please like and subscribe if you enjoy my footage. Please leave comments with any suggestions or thoughts. My goal is to record and preserve historical archive footage and share it with the world via the internet. I'm constantly learning and trying to improve my filming and photography skills. My content should be improving over time. Very important, exciting things are happening here! Stay tuned!


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