Scare Scary Bad Teacher 3D : Part II - New Game | Gameplay Walkthrough | Android Gameplay HD

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Welcome back to Another part of Scary Teacher having a lot of other exciting pranks and scary way's to take revenge from your school evil teacher. The story is about a brilliant but naughty student and a scary and bad teacher in creepy games 3d. She keeps torturing student's all the time by giving them mental and physical punishment's for no reason in spooky games 2021. One of her students has decided to take revenge on her through different scary and spooky funny pranks because they are tired of tolerating her bad and scary behavior all the time.

What ways came up in your mind when you think of taking revenge from that scaring creepy teacher? This scary simulator game has all the scared scary pranks that you can take from that kind of scary teacher. There is a lot of adventurous pranks that student will do in the spooky game 3d. Now it's your time to terrify this funny teacher by playing this scary pictures teacher simulator game. In this game, the student will do scary and funny pranks with the evil teacher you must complete the task of doing these scary pranks with the bad teacher without being caught in the limited time. That scary teacher is known as Miss Bella in the School. This amazing scary spooky simulator game has an environment of the school and teacher house and you as a player doing different pranks with an evil teacher such as pour oil on the floor of evil teachers house, smash the TV before Scary Teacher's favorite TV show, Find the black Ink bottle and drop on the car of Miss Bella and many more.

If you are the one whose teacher keeps irritating you through different means and wanted to take revenge from her then this is the best scary spooky game in which you can redress all the grudges. This game is full of adventures and thrills you had ever been looking for.
Game Features Include
scary games theme
world style Interactive house and school
and smooth control
storyline and pranks
and Horror new levels


Scare Scary Bad Teacher 3D : Part II - New Game | Gameplay Walkthrough | Android Gameplay HD
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