Playing SNIPER GHOST WARRIOR 3! Join me!

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Welcome to our Stream!

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????Dont forget everyone that even just staying on the stream and engaging on it for 60 SECONDS, makes a big difference!

We are more than happy to have you here! Our main goal is to provide an environment that people are able to feel safe and interact with others in a friendly manner.
The rules below help us to do that so please adhere to them.

**1. Be respectful to every person in the server.**
**2. Do not spam in any channel**
**3. Do not use or post any personal/private information about a person unless they give you his or her consent.**
**4. Do not harass any member in public channels or private messages.**
**5. Do not post any racist/inappropriate content.**
**6. Memes are allowed in the channel, but any overly offensive content is not allowed**

**If any member breaks a rule, they can be kicked/banned at the admins and mods discretion**
**Rules are subject to change.**Thanks for watching!

???? Gear list: PC Specs -
CPU: AMD RYZEN R5 3600, 6C 12T
RAM: Aegis 8GB DDR4 3200Mhz
PSU: Cooler Master MWE 650W White
CASE: Antec DP301M ARGB Tempered Glass

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