Path Compilation Part 22 #shorts

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Path Compilation Part 22

Thanks for watching our new format! We're excited to be making Apex Legends gameplay content and are hoping you enjoy it too! We'll be uploading content in duos, trios, ranked, and LTM modes as well as the new Arenas mode coming out in Season 9!

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If you'd like to become an insane aim bot like Shroud, Timmy, Lulu, or AceU you should consider playing Kovaak's Aim Trainer using the Voltaic aim routines. Check their Discord down below to learn more about Voltaic and improve your aim in Apex Legends and carry your team to wins!

Shatter and I have trained using their general routines and also train with the Apex fundamentals routine lately to get better aim in Apex Legends. We need to work more on clicking but our tracking accuracy is pretty decent lately.

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