OMORI MOD - BRASIL MOD - Full Brasil Boss Fight

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Here it is, the completed version of my first (big) OMORI mod, the BRASIL MOD! Deep in the depths of SUNNY's memory lies an experience so traumatizing, it had to be locked away to ensure he would never remember it. Hang on, what do you mean that's just the plot of the game? Bah, who cares. It's different enough.

A dumb joke that went too far, the BRASIL MOD is a full boss fight added to OMORI! This mod also contains a few secrets scattered around HEADSPACE, so be sure to search around after defeating BRASIL!

DOWNLOAD:To download and install, come join the OMORI Discord!
​Click on the #keyboard​-⌨ channel and click the ???? reaction to get access to the modding channels, and view #modding-showcase.
You'll need to install GOMORI () to be able to install BRASIL and any other mods. Please also be aware that there are a lot of conflicts across some mods that will prevent them from working; I advise just running BRASIL by itself to prevent any possible issues.

This has been a huge project and took about a month to finish and polish, plus some extra procrastination time. Thank you so much for all of the support on the WIP video! It really helped motivate me to give this my all.

Credits to cyclonescones / lacklustrr for her art! This couldn't have been done without her. Go subscribe to her!

I'd also like to give a huge shoutout to Gilbert for all of his hardwork on the GOMORI mod loader as well as providing me with RPG Maker. This wouldn't be possible without him either!

Special thanks to all my friends who helped give feedback and encouragement throughout development. You know who you are! I'll most likely edit this to add some names later.
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