Office Hours: Tips and tricks from the teams that build Figma

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We brought ten Figmates together to share their tips and tricks with you. We dove into features, covered getting started in Figma, plugins, and speed tips. You’ll hear from engineers, designers, designer advocates, product managers, and researchers.

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0:00 Introduction
1:16 Ten speed tricks for design newbies, Noah Levin (Product)
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6:59 Plugins and keyboard shortcuts, Aaron Tesfai (Engineering)
13:07 How the brand team uses Figma to brainstorm, Remilla Ty (Brand)
17:23 Research comes to life with playing cards, research activities, and interactive presentations, Nannearl Brown (Research)
22:27 Slides in Figma, Emily Lin (Product)
27:48 Grids, guides, and how to keep your designs aligned, Heather Tompkins
34:40 Blend modes, Anthony DiSpezio (Designer Advocate)
40:56 Building and documenting variants, Luis Ouriach (Designer Advocate)
45:54 The Figma console and plugin API, Lauren Budorick (Engineering)
51:30 Easing curves, Miguel Cardona (Designer Advocate)
58:08 Wrap up

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