Max Payne - Playthrough Part 1

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Hello ladies and gentlemen. It's time to start a playthrough of Max Payne, where you go into the shoes of the vengeful titular character who is on a quest to get his revenge on those who were responsible for the murder of his family during his investigation of a mysterious drug. To reach his goal, he's going to have to face trigger-happy mobsters and junkies that will stand in his way. The game is being played on the third difficulty, Dead on Arrival, and it can give you a lot of trouble if you aren't used to the way the game is meant to be played. To increase your likeliness of surviving firefights, you have the bullet-time ability that can put everything in slow motion, which can be activated by either pressing the right input while standing still or while moving in any direction. Activating bullet time when you're moving will make Max dive to the ground while aiming. It's useful when you're going for surprise attacks. Once you get used to the bullet time ability, then you pretty much made your experience with this game less painful. Mods have been enabled just to make the game more fun for me to play. All of the guns, except shotguns, have stable accuracy and faster bullet speed, and the bullet time is more active during dives. A timed dodge roll in front of an enemy who is opening fire can activate bullet time. Enemies have the same benefits from the mods as well, making them a little more dangerous. There were cases that I got two-shotted by enemies with shotguns and desert eagles, so you would see me take things a bit slow.
Max Payne 3
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