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The Mass Effect trilogy is still my favourite sci-fi, space opera, action RPG series, despite the polarizing ending I loved the journey & can't wait to embark on it again when the legendary edition comes out. Does this classic hold up in VR though? Today I'll be playing Mass Effect VR, more specifically I'll be playing Mass Effect 2 VR with Vorpx / Mass Effect 2 Vorpx, EVEN MORE SPECIFICALLY I'll be playing with Mass Effect 2 first person mods / Mass Effect 2 first person gameplay in yeah this one has a lot of layers! Let's dive into some first person Mass Effect gameplay in virtual reality and ask that question once again; Will it VR?

Mass Effect 2 is my favourite in a series that spans three very strong games, I think it balanced the gameplay mechanics & story elements the best & it also has a fantastic suite of mods including a Mass Effect first person mod / Mass Effect 2 first person mod. To be more specific it actually has two seperate first person mods, one for the exploration & one for the combat (both Mass Effect 2 first person mod files can be downloaded from Nexus mod manager). This means that if you want a full first person Mass Effect experience you need to jump out and switch the mods everytime you switch from exploration to honestly it's a bit of a pain & the combat mod is VERY experimental.

My honest opinion of Mass Effect 2 VR / Mass Effect Vorpx gameplay is to play it with the exploration first person mod but forget about the combat one. The third person Mass Effect combat sections work (and look) amazing in Vorpx VR. Being able to explore in first person is a dream and if you team that with the incredible geometry 3D & VR features and the third person combat you have an extremely playable Vorpx VR game. Another one of the best Vorpx games I've played, it turns out a lot of these older games work exceptionally well & breath new life into some of these flatscreen games.

Mass Effect VR / Mass Effect 2 VR may never be a real thing but with this Vorpx profile & a few mods you can achieve something very close to what I imagine the native product would be like.

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