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The Premier League returned to action with a bang last week as Manchester United and Chelsea secured comfortable wins, but champions Manchester City were defeated by a Tottenham side who were missing their top talisman and potential City target in Harry Kane.

Since coming into money, Manchester City have been a dominant force in the Premier League for over a decade now, breaking numerous records. Before them, Chelsea did the same, becoming a frequent title challenger after a massive cash injection. But are Chelsea or Manchester City ‘big’ clubs, in all senses, not just financially?

In a very fiery second episode of The Eye Test, returning panellists from last week @Rory Jennings , @Esteemed Kompany - A Man City Fan Channel and @Stevo The Mad Man discuss what makes a club ‘big’ and clash over their opinions. Rory and Esteemed Kompany don’t hold back!

Stevo doesn’t have a horse in this race and acknowledges that both Man City and Chelsea are both big clubs. However, he was shut down for suggesting West ham are in the same bracket!

Steven McInerney, of Esteemed Kompany channel, thinks that global reach, quality of player and current stature make a club 'big'. With over a decade competing at an elite level, Steven is confident that City are one of the biggest in world football.

Rory disagrees, noting there is a difference to being 'big' and being relevant. He reckons City shouldn't even be in the conversation until more time passes. Only then could they be classed a big club like Chelsea - a club operating at the top level for over 20 years and winning the Champions League.

What do YOU think makes a club ‘big’? Are Man City and Chelsea ‘big’ clubs? Was Rory being childish? Let us know in the COMMENTS and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for weekly content!

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