Magic Legends Cancelled: Server Shut Down, What Went Wrong? MTG Closing Down Offering Refunds

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Magic Legends Cancelled: Server Shut Down, What Went Wrong? MTG Closing Down Offering Refunds. In this Magic: Legends video, we will be sharing with you our thoughts about the recent service shutdown announcement of the game.

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0:00 - Magic Legends Service Shutdown
0:08 - Refund
1:00 - Why Magic Legends Shut Down
1:47 - Disappointment
2:20 - The Game's Biggest Issue
4:12 - Magic the Gathering Cards in Magic Legends
5:10 - The Cap Problem
6:02 - The Cash Shop in a Beta Game
7:22 - External Factor known as Diablo 2
8:16 - Closing Thoughts

Developer Cryptic Studios behind the online RPG Magic: Legends based on the Magic The Gathering universe has announced the game will be shutting down on October 31st.

Magic Legends Developer Announces Game Shutting Down

Magic Legends was first released into Early Access in March of this year, and was expected to fully launch later in 2021 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. However, developer Cryptic Studios have announced they will be shutting down servers on October 31st at 11:59 PST, and the title will not be fully launching.

Cryptic Studios have shared they have “no plans” to continue working on the game in future. According to the statement released on the official Magic Legends website by executive producer Stephen Ricossa, the game “missed the mark” in terms of vision.

The statement also confirmed that those who have made purchases through Arc or the Epic Games Store will be refunded their full purchase amount. The Open Beta will remain open until servers shutdown, but the Zen Shop will be closing immediately. All items will still be purchasable but through the free in-game currency.

Magic Legends was released as a free-to-play RPG based on the Magic: The Gathering card system which provided spells for characters at random from a deck. The combat offered quick, fast-paced action with multiplayer, letting you build a deck of spells to use in battle. Recently the latest class to be added was the Pyromancer back in May, which featured the power to wield Red mana as a ranged caster.

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