LETS BUILD IT! - Red Rocket - part 3 - (Fallout 4/PS4)

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LETS BUILD IT! - Red Rocket - part 3

Welcome everyone to my channel and yet another Fallout 4 rebuild. This time around I head back to familiar stomping grounds and attempt to rebuild the original vanilla The Red Rocket Coolant station & garage. I have built on this location a few times before and I have always liked this place, maybe just because it was the first settlement location when I first started the game that was my own private little base, and far enough away from Sanctuary so that Preston couldn’t hound me every day. It was also the place where I met my faithful companion and ghoul mauller, Dog Meat. Lots of memories here but time to scrap it all and make new ones.

In this new series I want to completely re-do the whole station and make it into more of a deluxe version of the old Red Rocket with a pre-war / post-war style of build that offers a new layout to the very familiar Red Rocket we know and love. So stick around, lay down your weapons, strap on your tool belt, kick back, relax, and let’s build it!

Yes it's 2021 and I'm still playing fallout 4 - but mostly I just love to build and create houses, bases and settlements using a multitude of (limited) mods on my ol' PS4 (list below). - I find it relaxing to build, so I've created this series - a more laid back relaxing build video. Fallout 4 and this channel have become quite a creative outlet for me when I have the time, so thanks for stopping by! I apologize but my PS4 only captures 720p - I guess I make do.

Special thanks to all the artists that provide free music to use:

Music Used:
(Intro Title) - "River Blues" - Track Tribe

(End Titles) - "Sunspots" - Jeremy Blake

All Music below provided by HearWeGo

Artists: Xandra & Wiljan

Title: Woodlands

Artist: MARION
Title: High Hopes
Listen on YouTube:

Artist: Nomyn
Title: Flow
Listen on YouTube:

Artist: Oscuro
Title: Chasing Time
Listen on YouTube:

Artist: The Ambientalist
Title: Beautiful
Listen on YouTube:

Artist: Victoriya
Title: Two Years
Listen on YouTube:

Thanks for watching! -
Special thanks to all the MOD makers - especially for us PS4 users! It really does make this game even better.

MY CURRENT MOD LIST (no particular order):
USO Base Game (core component of Unlocked) by ANDREWCX
[PS4] USO Season Pass (Add-On For Unlocked Settlement Objects) - by ANDREWCX
No Build Limit - All DLC [PS4] - by StormLord
QwaPA - by tim-timman
Settlement Electricity Overhaul - by sargeschultz11
Unlimited Resources Shipment - by Azazel
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch - by Arthmoor
SimpleGreen - Simple Seasons ‘Spring’ by ANDREWCX
Cheat Room - by Bradenm1
[PS4] OCDecorator - by Ethreon
Colored Workshop Lights - by A6addon
MadKea - 500 Workshop items + Settlement [PS4] -by madrox
No More Twigs - by klus1ve
[PS4] Posters Of The Commonwealth - by OICTOOTP
Auto Closing Doors and Gates - by mccx99
Disable God Rays [PS4] - by Nytra
WorkShop Items Base Game - by Kalibkadafi
Nytra's Performance Tweaks - Complete Pack [PS4] - by Nytra
Prewar Sanctuary PS4 Edition - by Reaper28852
Place Everything - by chrysanthes77
Wildwood Crypt (Settlement) - PS4 by DarkTodd
Sanctuary Hot Springs Home & Settlement [PS4] by Synpathy
Maple Manor Player Home - PS4 Exclusive - by TheDogOfWar
EBM - by kurohux
[PS4] Posts, Supports, and Beams - by OICTOOTP
[PS4] Warehouse Clutter - by OICTOOTP
[PS4] Femshepping's Salem Coastal Home - by femshepping
Grounded - by cordlessvii
Custom Vanilla Assets - by tim-timman
Finch Farm and Graygarden Overpass Lifts [PS4] - by Trosski
[PS4] Kendall Square Apartments Penthouse including HalluciGen Prototype Items - by GREEN_FUZZ
Scrap all the things [PS4] - by ashrose93
Zlaggs Rocky Narrows Park - by ECWNoel
Clear Skies [PS4] - by gir489
Busy Settlers PS4 - by Despy
Prewar Sanctuary PS4 Edition - by Reaper28852
Diamond City Workshop - by OFFICER_ERIK
MDXC Settelement [PS4] by madras

Arcade Workshop Pack
Charlestown Condo
Coffee and Donuts Workshop Pack
Home Decor Workshop Pack
Modern Furniture Pack
Nuka Cola Collector Workshop
Noir Penthouse
Shroud Manor
Neon Flats
Capital Wasteland Mercenaries
Virtual Workshop
Settlement Ambush Kit
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