LAUTRE. X N.E.B. X Tommygunnz - No Rush (Magic Free Release)

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Track: LAUTRE. X X Tommygunnz - No Rush
Music Provided by Magic Records
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✔️ Tommygunnz
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Animation by Niara:

✔️ Lyrics

why do you rush
pay no attention to me then hush
i know that you wanna run
honestly now you are asking too much

really you want it your stuck on a mil
needed to pay up the rest cause i got you a bill
10 11 12 sorry just know that im counting my kills

knowing you want it right now but you needed to wait so
why do you cry to me yell at me your not ok but your
craving the money i know that you wanted to pay
all your bills so your looking to get you a raise
sleeping your missing a day and
you don't understand what your doing to make
everybody look at you i don't really know what to say

i want the most but i don't need much
don't need much
i have a goal but im in not in a rush
not in a rush
i want the most but i don't need much
don't need much
i have a goal but im in not in a rush
not in a rush

I got the passion
eye of a dragon
Robbing Williams for the lamp of Aladdin
Think to imagine
Pockets are stacking
Dropping millions so I work in brackets
Eating competition
Working for a vision
Minds in a prison
And My words stay winning
My words stay winning
But you got bad timing
They Fear my roar
Like a fierce lion

Screaming encore
Cause you know they want more
Well you better look back with your two feet forward
Dreaming hard-core
Cause you know they adore
Well you better look back as we go explore
Looking for openings
Things are happening
living so happily
Hoping for majesty
Listen for sound
Im lost but found
Look at me now

I want the most but don't need much
Don't need much
I have a goal but im not in a rush
Not in a rush 2×

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