Kpa - Ka Sur (The Voice) Khasi Short Film with Eng Sub 1080p

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- A Father, a Pillar and a Voice of the Family

This film is about the impression by a father's voice that can set in motion an entire trend of life.

Starring : -
Bankyrshan Kharnaior

Banatimon Mawlong

Lamphrangsngi Nongphud

Ibalawanpynhun Wriang

Hangi I Bianglang Khyriem

Baby Uriah

Singer - Tynraiborsing Syiem
Music Compiled - Azester Thangkhiew
Recorded at Blina Studio, Mawtawar

Script, Dialogue & Lyrics - N B Uriah
Directed by NB Uriah
Produced by SK Nongbri

Location - Latei inn, Bed & Breakfast Langkyrding Shillong

Management team - SSR Private Management ( Wankit K. Ryntathiang)

Cinematographer and Photographer - Lamphrang Ryntathiang

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Cinematography & DOP by Lamphrang Ryntathiang

Link for the short trailer :

This film copyrights are strictly own and prohibited by The Baneh House Production.
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