????Karma In iRacing! #Shorts

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Instant karma at play!

Join Rory Alexander, Basic Ollie, and me for this iRacing Team Endurance race at Bathurst in the BMW M4 GT3 as we try to punch above our weight with your support once again!

Make sure to follow the full journey over the race:

Basic Ollie: TBC
Rory: TBC

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????iRacing - Our TOUGHEST Race Yet At The Bathurst 12 Hours With Basic Ollie And Rory Alexander!

HUGE thanks to all the KRT members below, who are directly supporting the channel!

ChinookFE147 - KRT Major General

Fatty - KRT Lieutenant
GtGrandad888 - KRT Lieutenant
Cyrus Darkfur - KRT Lieutenant

Kate S - KRT Sergeant
Steve Biafron - KRT Sergeant
[F4H] Heatseeker - KRT Sergeant
Eesa rafiq - KRT Sergeant
Basic Ollie - KRT Sergeant
Frank Truter - KRT Sergeant
Uncle Tashie - KRT Sergeant

Chris Doherty - KRT Corporal
KnifeyMoloko222 - KRT Corporal
notSebVarden - KRT Corporal
TheRevDel - KRT Corporal
GT_Ari - KRT Corporal
Lars-Petter Andersen - KRT Corporal
ZBNK - KRT Corporal
Winchy - KRT Corporal
Shaun - KRT Corporal
Mohamed GTS - KRT Corporal
Azeria - KRT Corporal
DeeJazzyMan - KRT Corporal
Terence Hill - KRT Corporal
Ellneal - KRT Corporal
Donal Kennedy - KRT Corporal
SouthAus_GT79 - KRT Corporal
Shaun Newark - KRT Corporal
TayTheDay - KRT Corporal
Gorillagaz86 - KRT Corporal

Thanks a lot everyone, you're helping us take the channel to the next level!

My relatively low spec gear in case anyone is interested!

Wheel: Fanatec CSL Elite With McLaren V2 GT3 Rim (Previously WRC)
Pedals: Fanatec V3 Pedals
Seat: Playseat Challenge
Screen: Philips
Mic: Blue Snowball Ice
Capture Card: AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 2

Thanks a lot everyone, you're helping us take the channel to the next level!

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Officially sanctioned racing series organized by iRacing
Involvement in iRacing’s global online community of racing enthusiasts
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