Jerp plays Shattered pt.1 - A new souls-like in a mysterious, fractured world (2021-02-27)

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Shattered is a Souls-like in a large, mysterious world whose creator (the King) has long been missing after the invasion of a group of extra-dimensional (or extraplanar?) creatures. These creatures, after destroying the world, ended up turning on themselves. 12 remain - the demiurges, and they seem to be the key to restoring what remains and possibly rescuing the king.

While I'm still getting situated with the game, it's pretty neat so far. What stands out to me most is how wide open the game seems to be, with very little guidance given. As I'm notorious for a poor sense of direction, this game will be quite the task!

Anyone who's been following my channel for long may have seen me play a (very) early prototype of this game about 5 years ago. Now, after quite some time, I finally get to check the release (albeit about a week late, thanks to the Texas winter apocalypse!).

Shattered is available on Steam:

Thanks to Player Two PR for the key!

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