Innkeepers story - The Witcher

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His story starts at 2:35
What a great story from the hungover bartender :)

Notes: The microphone quality and sound gets better in later vods. Most notable mod used: Rise of the White Wolf (). I also used a mod to increase Geralts running speed.
Even if the combat is a bit clunky and all I found the game had some real charm, especially with some weird ass dialogue at times. It's a game worth playing, especially if you like the Witcher in general.
Two cool quests I missed at least: to meet the woman in the mill (you can see the scene involving that in a retrospective of The Witcher in here (by NeverKnowsBest): ) and later on missed a quest where Shani hosts a party (video for that if you're interested is here ). I might have missed some other things too but those are some that I know of at least.

Here's a list of upcoming VOD longplays after The Witcher: God of War 3 Remastered (hard difficulty), Witcher 2 (dark difficulty with extra talents per level), Far Cry 3 BloodDragon (Hard difficulty), Valfaris, The Last of Us + DLC (grounded difficulty), Doom (2016, nightmare difficulty), The Last of Us Part 2 (grounded difficulty).

Every game that can be beaten has a death-counter while I play. You may take a guess on how many times I'll die to complete the game and the closest guess will win a game (pc) of my choosing, announced before the guessing period starts. If you guess exactly how many times I'll die you'll receive a surprise game on top! Join my discord and check the guessing-game under "Sadduurs Stream" for more info. After finishing TLOU 2 I might play the Uncharted series or the new God of War. Probably also a shorter game in between though. I'll also dive into Witcher 3 in the near future probably as a longer consistent project.


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