How the VP of E-commerce at Conn's HomePlus takes what he learns to make a better user experience

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What's up?! -- And happy Tuesday! You're listening to the latest episode from THE RADCAST!

This episode tells us, business people, something we should consider more in our e-commerce strategies -- the user's experience! In this episode, host Ryan Alford talks with VP of E-commerce at Conn's HomePlus, Satya Sivunigunta. Satya entered UX design and management before it was even considered UX designing. He's worked at Nike, Microsoft, JC Penny's, and more.

One of the key take-aways from this episode, are the steps to better understand your customers. Ryan and Satya discuss working with big names, navigating e-commerce strategies through the holidays in a Covid world, the important parts of brand management, and more!

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