Hitting the GLOBAL stage for the FIRST TIME! | Day 2 Tease - VALORANT Masters Berlin

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The second day of VALORANT Masters Berlin is a step ahead into the unknown with 5 teams making their debut in the international stage. Will the underdogs flip the script or will household names assert their dominance in the VCT? View the schedule and watch live at

Korea’s Vision Strikers are the team on everyone’s radar and even with a few setbacks back home, they are still a mythical force and the team with the longest undefeated streak with over 100 consecutive wins in the VCT. Can SEA’s Paper Rex prove everyone wrong and take down the mighty VS?

Japan’s Crazy Raccoon is back with a vengeance. Will their experience in Masters Reykjavik give them an edge against the unstoppable EMEA giants in Gambit Esports?

The story so far has NA overpowering BR in LAN. Will newcomers Vivo Keyd be able to prove themselves against Envy? While this is their international debut, Envy have been one of the most consistent rosters in VCT NA and with yay in their roster, they’re looking better than ever.

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