Hardcore coop Game Insurgency Sandstorm

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Insurgency sandstorm hardcore coop game playing on a community server with the ISMC mod. I am using the HK417 as primary weapon.

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1) if playing a custom mutator such as ISMC make sure you have subscribed to it and its downloaded.

2) Load up the game and press the weird looking key (Tilde Key). For me and most people its to the left of the 1 on the keyboard. This will load up the command line

3) Type (for this example) or copy and paste
Open farmhouse?scenario=Scenario_Farmhouse_Checkpoint_Security?lighting=day?mutators=ISMCarmory_Legacy,Allyoucaneat

Press enter

Open - tells the game to open a new game
Farmhouse - Is the name of the map you want to open
Scenario_Farmhouse_Checkpoint_Security - The scenario we will play
Mutators - the list of mutators you want to use which can be separated with a ,

If you want to play in the night then change Lighting=Day to Lighting=Night

Make sure there is only a space between OPEN and the MAP NAME all the other text should flow into one.

Want to Start on tideway at night then you would type
Open Tideway?scenario=Scenario_Tideway_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night

A list of mutators already in the game

AllYouCanEat Start with 100 supply points.

AntiMaterielRiflesOnly Only anti-materiel rifles are available along with normal equipment and explosives.

BoltActionsOnly Only bolt-action rifles are available along with normal equipment and explosives.

Broke Start with 0 supply points.

BulletSponge Health is increased.
Competitive Competitive Equipment is more expensive, rounds are shorter, and capturing objectives is faster.

CompetitiveLoadouts Player classes are replaced with those from Competitive.

FastMovement Move faster.

Frenzy Frenzy Fight against AI enemies who only use melee attacks. Watch out for special enemies

Guerrillas Start with 5 supply points.

Hardcore Mutator featuring slower movement speeds and longer capture times.

HeadshotOnly Players only take damage when shot in the head.

HotPotato A live fragmentation grenade is dropped on death.

LockedAim Weapons always point to the center of the screen.

NoAim Aiming down sights is disabled.

PistolsOnly Only pistols are available along with normal equipment and explosives.

ShotgunsOnly Only Shotguns are available along with normal equipment and explosives.

SlowCaptureTimes Objectives will take longer to capture.

SlowMovement Move slower.

SoldierOfFortune Gain supply points as your score increases.

SpecialOperations Start with 30 supply points.

Strapped Start with 1 supply point.

Ultralethal Everyone dies with one shot.

Vampirism Receive health when dealing damage to enemies equal to the amount of damage dealt.

Warlords Start with 10 supply points.

I play insurgency sandstorm most days and you will find me on community servers mostly. I prefer the slow tactical co op game.
Insurgency sandstorm co op mode is what makes this game shine above call of duty and other shooters.
I enjoy testing the insurgency sandstorm new maps and mods made by the community.

Insurgency sandstorm ps4 and insurgency sandstorm xbox release is expected at some point but no one really knows when.

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My current Specs for playing insurgency sandstorm
Intel i7 6700K
GTX 1660 6GB Graphics Card
32GB DDR4 Ram
I play highest graphics settings in 1080P
Far Cry 2
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