Godot Dialogs: Part 1

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In this video, I was asked to create a custom dialog system, but more importantly to show my reasoning behind everything I do - that means it's incredibly long. I've tried to break it up into a nice table of contents though. That may not be your cup of tea, but I definitely try to show you how to debug and fix issues that arise while you're implementing your games. This is just the first part in at least a 2-part series, and includes how to build a scripting language straightforwardly in GDScript; this will give you power over how things happen in your dialogs while not tying you directly to a specific user interface.

If you wish to support me and this channel and get more tutorials (especially GodotFirebase tutorials, a whole game series' worth of tutorials of which I'm building just for you!), please consider shooting me a ko-fi at . It would mean a lot, but more importantly it would make it easier for me to make these tutorials more consistently.

You can find the awesome website for Godot Game hosting (and hosting the current jam I'm working on) at:

Table of Contents:

01:15 - Pre-Intro Intro
03:23 - Intro: Why Resources
04:30 - Setting up the resource
06:09 - Defining Context: Redundancy
07:12 - Tokenization
15:54 - Stripping tokens
20:53 - The key to the dictionary
24:59 - Beginning User Interface
41:15 - Displaying the dialog
01:09:45 - Utilizing !
01:21:19 - Seeing results
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