GN! Recap: Ariel Manzur - The Godot Engine

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How does a Video Game Engine work and how do you develop cross-platform games? Ariel Manzur, Co-Founder of Godot Engine, presented the open-source cross platform engine in our 2019 installation of Games Now! lecture series. As a part of his insightful presentation, he provided us with an overview of the Godot Engine's functionality and mindset. Together, we took a deep dive on how a scene functions, how and why we should be using instancing, and incorporating scripting and animation!

Jump to:
Scenes & Nodes 0:00
Instancing 2:50
Scene Examples 4:13
UI & more Nodes! 7:27
Godot VS other engines 9:30
Animation & Scripting 15:16
Animation Player 16:41
Advance Animation 18:02
Scripting Language 21:04
Adding a Script 24:22

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