Genshin Impact Let's Play #214 Secret Pirate Treasure

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00:00 Welcome Back
01:55 Talk to Kaeya
04:25 Kaeya at the Meeting Point
10:15 Report from Cyrus
12:05 Report to Kaeya
15:20 Meet with the Informant
19:20 Treasure Clue 1
22:15 Treasure Clue 2
27:50 Cryo Totems
29:50 Kaeya's Gain
32:10 Lost Treasure of Arcadia
34:00 Strange Izzard
44:10 Real Treasure
45:15 Ascend Prototype Rancour
49:40 Talent Level Up
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Let's Play GenShin Impact
Commented by the master himself (TheNefari) :D
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