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World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II
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The FV4005 Stage II is a British tier 10 turreted tank destroyer.

This tank destroyer project was developed on the basis of the Centurion Mk3 tank in the early 1950s. The vehicle was initially tested with a mechanized ammo rack. However, the ammo rack did not fit the turret, and it was canceled. One prototype was manufactured and underwent trials, but the vehicle never entered mass production.

Wielding the most devastating gun in the game protruding from a massive box turret, the FV4005 Stage II affectionately became known as "Sh*tbarn" or "Doombarn". The FV4005 Stage II was released as an alternative to the FV215b (183). This featured increased mobility and gun handling, while sacrificing surviveability. It has almost no hull armor & a very large paper-thin turret. When the FV215b (183) was removed from the tech tree but kept as a collector's vehicle, the FV4005 Stage II received a "balancing update" to its gun handling and mobility. In the current state, this means inferior gun accuracy, aiming time, and movement speed to the FV215b (183). At this point one might Why would anyone get this over the FV215b (183) or the FV217 Badger? Well, the FV215b (183) is no longer obtainable, and the FV217 Badger doesn't have the 183mm cannon with 1750 damage HESH shells, it has a 120mm that does 400 damage respectively. With this monstrous weapon, the FV4005 Stage II is arguably the deadliest support weapon in the game. Try popping out & shooting heavies while they are reloading, or giving the "Thor's Hammer" of fire support to a pack of protecting mediums. It is a lot less forgiving than the FV215b (183), so patience with aiming and timing of the attack is essential. You will need to keep an eye on the mini-map at all times, if a flank is failing go & lend your massive 183mm gun. The accuracy is extremely unreliable, thus AP shells are ineffective at medium to long range. Using HE (preferably HESH), The medium to long range shots will deal respectable damage, and taking the time to aim for weak spots will melt the HP of any vehicle who was unfortunate enough to be in front of you. If your patience is strong, awareness is keen, and with a little bit of luck, your gun will become the enemies living hell.

The FV4005 Stage II marks the end of its British tank destroyer line.

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