Forza Horizon 4 - Ranked Adventure - Ford GT40 64 The best car for beginners!!

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As said in the video, the Ford GT40 64 was a prototype of the winning Ford GT in Le mans. I love the design of this car because even with all these years it still a modern design.

Regarding Forza, this car is one of my favorites, it is very stable so it is my choice when I have not played for a long time or it is the first race of the day. For me, it is the perfect car for beginners in class A because it is fast and balanced at the same time.

The tune was made by FRF MUKA, I really recommend his tunes for beginners in online races at Forza.

0:04​​ - Ambleside Ascent
2:41​​ - Mortimer´s Pass
5:18 - Holyrood Run´

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