Far Cry 5 Arcade Maps, but Every Map Can Only Be Played Once With No Retries (12/31/20)

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Unscheduled Stream. Maps have to be won on the first try, or they get a no vote and must be skipped. Today's stream is the result of maps getting played that otherwise would have been forgotten due to January's Map Month Season.

Stream ended prematurely due to internet issues. But it does include an Arcade Editor tutorial involving how to set up a map that requires players to take a vehicle to the end to win.

2:30 - Pharoah's Tomb
25:27 - the runaway
31:05 - Forest of the damned
34:19 - Premier map
52:38 - Lost Pirate city

[Tutorial on creating a vehicle map, and how to set up missions that require players to take a vehicle all the way to the end to win.]

Happy New Year!!


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