F2P Eula C0 TANGOS Through Abyss Floor 11 in Style【Genshin Impact】

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She says that it takes 2 to tango, so two it is. Behold as Eula tangos with Kaeya through this floor with ease using her trusty free to play 4 star weapon, Prototype Archaic to get 9 STARS. Don't forget to Like, Comment and SUBSCRIBE to show ur love to Mr. Lovaman.

BGM : Solitude version 2 by AJURIKA

0:00 Preview
0:07 Floor 11 Chamber 1 (First Half) Monolith
2:13 Floor 11 Chamber 2 (First Half) Fatui
2:52 Floor 11 Chamber 3 (First Half) Cicin Mages
3:30 Builds
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