【ENG SUB】《Well-Dominated Love 奈何Boss又如何》EP17 Starring: Xuan Lu | Zhao Zhiwei

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"Well-Dominated Love 奈何Boss又如何"Full Version:
【ENG SUB】《Well-Dominated Love 奈何Boss又如何》EP17 Starring: Xuan Lu | Zhao Zhiwei【MangoTV Drama English】

Synopsis: The drama is about the romance between a picky CEO and his temporary special Xingchen is the new assistant of Yan Jingzhi. Yan Jingzhi is an arrogant CEO with a high IQ who suffers from mild obsessive-compulsive disorder, is assertive at work, pursues perfection in life, but is also a perfect man in the hearts of many Nie Xingchen is the perfect secretary at work, and can be sweet, beautiful, capable, independent, and always has a positive attitude and is optimistic about life.

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