ENG SUB《魔道祖师完结篇》The Founder of Diabolism Final Season(Mo Dao Zu Shi) | EP10 | 腾讯视频 - 动漫

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温氏横行,生灵涂炭。江湖仙门义士发动“射日之征”,合力讨伐温氏。“夷陵老祖”魏无羡虽在推翻温氏中立下了汗马功劳,却因修非常道且太过强大而遭人忌惮坑害,致万人唾骂,被情同手足的师弟带人端了老巢,身陨形灭…… 十三年后,魏无羡被人献舍,并再度与姑苏蓝氏蓝忘机、云梦江氏江澄等旧人相遇,前尘谜团未消,江湖疑云再起。 而这一切恩怨情仇,都要从他们少年时说起……
Despite his merits during the Sunshot Campaign to bring down the tyrannical Wen Sect, Wei Wuxian was feared by the world for the unorthodox path in cultivation he himself created. Thirteen years after he was killed, he is summoned into the body of a lunatic called Mo Xuanyu, who was rejected by his clan and despised by his family, therefore sacrificing his own body to Wei Wuxian so he could avenge him. He'll soon meet a cultivator from his past, Lan Wangji .Together, they will try to discover the identity of the person to whom belongs the dismembered left arm they found at the Mo house. What they don't know is that this mystery will lead them to unravel what lies behind the tragic events that caused the death of many people and of Wei Wuxian himself.

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