【ENG SUB】Sweet Sweet EP12│Zhao Yiqin, Ding Yiyi│Fresh Drama

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Just like the title, this drama tells us a super sweet story. Tian Tian, an adorable fresh graduate meets Su Mu, an aircraft designer with aphasia accidentally. One day Su Mu’s drone flew into Tian Tian’s house by mistake. Thinking that no one was home, he climbed over the wall trying to get his drone back. However, he saw Tian Tian taking a bath and almost "naked", which made them be mistaken for a married couple by the security! Besides, life is full of surprises. Only the special ice cream made by Tian Tian can magically make Su Mu speak smoothly again. So Su Mu moves to her opposite house and requests her to make ice cream for him personally every day. Thus, sweetness starts to penetrate their lives when being

Episodes: 22

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama

Subtitles: English [CC]

Audio languages: Chinese

Director: Tian Tian

Zhao Yiqin as Su Mu
Ding Yiyi as Tian Tian
Pan Ziyan as Mi Ya
Liu Yancheng as Li Di

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