ENG SUB【Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系】EP02 | Starring: Wang Yuwen, Wang Ziqi

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【Synopsis】To buy a couture wedding dress for a customer, fashion buyer Gu Xixi sneaks into a high-end party where she knows a bossy president Yin Sichen with a series of lies and becomes his contracted wife for three months. The inexperienced bossy president and the cute and cunning girl start a love game. Through all kinds of tests, Yin Sichen helps Gu Xixi realize her dream of becoming a designer and establish her own fashion brand, making her as outstanding as him.
【Starring】Wang Yuwen, Wang Ziqi, Yi Bochen, Zhong Lili, Yang Yue, Li Junchen, Chen Yixin, Chen Xun

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