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In the period of Daning, the little daughter, Xie Xiaoni, who born in an aristocratic family making living by textile and cloth dyeing, made a will of taking over the family business when she was young. She grew up and became a businesswoman. Unexpectedly, she was framed by the competitors and her family was ruined. After this suffering, she changed her name as Ni Chang. She dived into studying the technology of textile and cloth dyeing, just for finding out the reason of her family’s tragedy. A few years later, Ni Chang went back to her hometown with new technology. She regained the justice for her family and prospered the family’s business.
Ouyang Ziyu, a duke of that period, was a humorous man with a reserved face. He loved Ni Chang and gave a helping hand when she was in dilemma. At first, they didn’t love each other. Going through a variety of experiences, they became a pair of lovers. Ni Chang get married with Ouyang Ziyu and became the duchess in the end. Ni Chang discovered an admirable way of business and became a successful businesswoman.

Genres:Costume Play, Inspirational

Subtitles: English [CC]

Audio languages: Chinese

Director:Ding Yingzhou

Li Jiaqi as Ni Chang
Bevan as Ouyang Ziyu
LUlU as Yan Wenxiu
Will as Su Wenyu
Zeng Qi as Yuanxiang

Production Region:China

Debut:April 20th, 2021

#NiChang #NickyLi#小女霓裳
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