E3 2021 was the worst E3 in history │Ubisoft & Xbox

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0:00 intro
0:05 Every year gets worse
0:57 Ubisoft forward
1:44 E3 hosts are the car salesmen of gaming
2:24 Rainbow six siege aliens edition (man alone)
4:56 Guitar Smith learn songs for tiktok now
6:48 Riders republic bruh
8:05 More siege (thriller miller)
9:22 Games as service
10:00 Just dance, mythic quest
11:19 Ubisoft movie yay
12:29 far cry cuba, but not cuba
13:00 Avitar but no splinter cell
14:11 The final virtue signal
15:07 The next day
15:21 papa todd & the magic of gaming
16:15 Stairfeild a pointless trailer
17:15 the dirt sock
17:26 Ingame cut scenes mean nothing (cyberpunk)
18:35 The console wars still raging
19:40 "games are a source of joy and connection"
21:00 The Modern consoles rant (Stew where is my water)
22:00 Stalker 2, metro last light edition
23:29 left 4 dead
24:12 sea of thieves
24:55 2042
25:05 pete hines the lure master
27:07 Halo meh
29:09 Diablo 2 aarron carter edition
29:30 Bethesdas Gen Z vampire game (ending rant)
Far Cry 2
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