DSP Valley - EUROPRACTICE lowering the barrier for customized microsystems in medical applications

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This is the recording of the DSP Valley webinar organized in collaboration with and EUROPRACTICE focusing on Customized Microsystems in Medical Applications.
If you are interested in learning more about how customized microsystems can make the difference for your medical application, then watch this recording to learn about EUROPRACTICE and its affordable services. In this webinar, we will particularly zoom in on Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and Photonic Integrated Circuits, and how those can be fabricated and integrated in microsystems for medical applications. The latter will be illustrated by several testimonials/case studies presented by both academia and industry.

1. Introduction by
2. “Overview of Micro Systems in Medical Applications and how EUROPRACTICE can lower the barrier to technology access” - Romano Hoofman, imec
3. Case Studies
- Steve Stoffels (Pulsify Medical) – “Pulsify’s ultrasound monitoring patch: future medical grade wearables enabled by custom components.”
- Jan-Willem Hoste (Antelope Dx) – “Antelope Diagnostics: Bringing photonic chip technology to a consumer market”
- Pieter Harpe (TU Eindhoven) – “Custom microelectronics for ambulatory pregnancy monitoring and ultrasound catheters”
- Vasiliki Giagka (TU Delft) – “Microelectronic chips for bio-electronic medicine: Engineering long-lasting and spatially selective active neural implants”
- Bob Puers (KU Leuven) – “Concept for a high resolution neural interface with polymer-CMOS hybrid interconnects”
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