Dr Jim Stray-Gundersen discusses B Strong Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training Benefits on SHR

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Carl Lanore, of SuperHumanRadio, recently interviewed Dr Jim Stray-Gundersen about B Strong Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training benefits.


[3:30] BFR can be misused.

It is hard to find a product that combines safety, efficiency, and the right price.

[5:17] Better local results from BFR than steroids for pure growth.

[6:28] Restricts blood flow out of limbs but also causes a buildup in shoulders, glutes, etc.

There is a pre-fatigue effect. arms fatigue faster on bench, forcing the chest to take over.
There can even be an added anabolic effect from doing occluded cardio.
This system allows instant overload of stimulus in an otherwise normal training session.

[9:37] Why can’t you go heavy with BFR?

You actually can.
The goal, however, is to get higher metabolic buildup. This is better accomplished through higher reps.

[10:48] Metabolic buildup.

Intramusclular buildup of IGF-1, GH, lactic acid, etc.
This comes from a relative hypoxia.
This causes an increase in the cell membrane surface area, protein synthesis, and an overall switch to an anaerobic state.
The IGF-1 amplifies effect of everything you are doing.

[13:45] This system has taken performance up a level in higher level athletes.

Even worked in marathon runners.
[15:15] BFR decreases the cost of absolute workload.

Maximizes metabolic stress to give a preferential stimulus to fatigue ratio.
Can be used with HIIT.

[17:31] Cardiovascular benefits.

Endothelium gets stretched from occlusion of blood.
TF1:A, NO synthase, VEGF-1 are increased.

[19:20] If blood flow is restricted >70%, damage could be done.

B Strong’s product is an elastic system.
It is safer and more effective than most systems.
It accommodates the increase in cross-sectional area of the muscle.
The width of the band is also a variable at play.

[24:10] Current research on BFR.

Walking on a treadmill with elastic system vs rigid vs no BFR.
Sarcopenia mitigation benefits.
The other study was in adjunct to yoga.

[28:12] B strong makes quality training possible for mony over the age of 65.

[29:05] Two aspects to consider.

Put the band on firmly.
~50mm Hg should register when you first put it on.
The pump will only go up to 500mm Hg.
The bladders also run parallel to the muscle instead of perpendicular.
This system is nearly idiot-proof.

[36:59] Always leave the gym with a pump.

The longer that you can maintain a pump after training, the quicker you will recover and the faster you will grow.
90% of the adaptation from BFR comes from a single fatigue signal.

[39:12] What makes B Strong different?

Safety and efficiency.
It is an elastic and controllable system.

[41:15] The IGF-1 and GH release is systemic from B Strong.

This gives a rise in lipolysis and protein synthesis.
Increases anabolic receptor sensitivity.

[43:30] Is the hormonal response on scale with the size of the muscle trained?

It is correlated with whole body fatigue.
Big lifts and HIIT are ideal.
Complete vascular occlusion can cause necrosis.
B Strong is a much safer method.

[59:15] these bands are right in the ballpark of Oura rings, heart rate monitors, etc.

If you are spending a boatload of money and not getting results, these bands should be your go-to.
They allow you to reach an intense, unique stimulus that would be impossible otherwise.

[1:01:50] You shouldn’t be doing cardio without these bands.

You get the benefit of an added anabolic stimulus.
Regular use can increase VO2 max.
Whole body splits are optimal.
These can be in the form of metcons on active recovery days.
If you are already an avid exerciser, just incorporate these for the last 20-30 minutes of your sessions.

[1:05:20] B Strong online app.
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