Dodge Ram Death Wobble SOLVED Rock Solid Steering Fix Upgrade 1st 2nd Gen Loose Steering Play Wander

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Our RockSolidRamTruck Steering Fix Kit works on all 1st & 2nd Gen Ram Trucks to upgrade / replace /improve Column precision vs the wear prone factory lower column bearing.

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Our earlier RamTruckSteeringFix video has over 1/3 million views & is here:

Video by KYB on 'HOW SHOCK ABSORBERS WEAR OUT': (Referenced in this video)


0:40 Death Wobble Defined - What to check
2:15 Shock Absorber weakness = contributor to Death Wobble - suggested shocks
5:40 Weak or Worn Steering Column bearing check - underhood view of our Upgrade Bushing
7:15 Close up comparison of factory column bearing to Lifetime Durable Upgrade Bushing
8:40 Install Guide helps guarantee successful Upgrade Process
10:25 Benefits of Rock Solid Ram Steering Fix Upgrade: Lifetime Warranty + consulting
12:00 Importance of Solid Shocks for Road Response & Solid Column for Control Side

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