Day 2 of F2P xiao in contending tides event | Genshin Impact

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Hello everyone,
welcome back to my channel full 2 gaming adda.
In this video I'm trying to clear contending tides challenge with my f2P xiao
and we can see how good F2P xiao performs in contending tides event |
so watch the video and enjoy the contending tides event challenges |
contending tide event day 2
This are some of my character builds:
Xiao lithic spear build

Xiao crescent pike build

Xiao blackcliff pole build

Ningguang DPS build.

Ningguang wine and song build

And here are some weapon comparison
Llithic Spear VS blackcliff Pole

Lithic Blade vs Prototype Archaic

Skyward atlas vs the widsith

Eye of pereption vs the widsith

Blackcliff Pole vs Crescent Pike

So enjoy the video.
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