Can I MASTER Magic the Gathering in 30 DAYS?

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I'm a former Olympic chess player. And an absolute noob at all other games. But I've been inspired by my PogChamps students (who take on chess as newbies and then compete at a major tournament, after one month of training) and wanted to take on a similar challenge: Can I master Magic the Gathering in only 30 days, to then compete for the title of the World's Okayest MTG Player? ???? Here's my (emotional) journey trying to go from zero to ????

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This video has been hugely inspired by the amazing @Michelle Khare: make sure to check out her "Challenge Accepted" series, with an upcoming episode on her PogChamps journey! ????

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00:00 A journey like Pogchamps?
1:57 The very basics: tutorial and MTG Arena first steps
15:48 Next steps: the Colour Challenge and unlocking cards
16:33 Getting a coach!
17:19 Recording my games for analysis
18:16 Don't get discouraged from defeats
19:14 My first favourite deck
19:32 Learning more complex decks
20:46 Submitting my deck for the competition!
21:21 Studying the other competitors' decks
22:34 I felt really overwhelmed the day before the
23:29 The Championship begins!
23:38 First competitive match vs. AnniTheDuck
24:01 Rose and Rosie trash talk me, now we're friends
25:51 Last match of the day: vs. RTGame
27:48 The aftermath of the tourney: and preparing for the Finals!
29:00 I panicked right before the Grand
31:14 The Grand Finale begins!
31:35 Turning into the Mother of Dragons
32:42 Playing for the World's Okayest MTG Player
35:43 Was all this effort worth it?
36:19 Much deserved shoutouts
38:42 What motivates you?

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