Brutal Offlane Night Stalker Spirit Vessel + Assault 100% Counter Enemy Core - Dota 2 Highlights

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This Video Show: The Night Stalker As A Mid Lane With Spirit Vessel + Assault Build 100% Counter Enemy Core Hero

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???? Hi I'm Dota 2 Scepter an old time 2015 with over 4000 hours total playtime and a professional graphic designer & video editor, so i decided to create this channel to help you get a better rank in DotA.

How I Edit My Videos? 100% Unique And Original Contents:
1. Take replay from
2. Analytics which gameplays are interesting
3. Record in game client with OBS Studio
4. Edit with adobe premiere and thumbnail create with photoshop
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➥What is Dota 2?
Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. The game is a sequel to Defense of the Ancients, which was a community-created mod for Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion pack, The Frozen Throne.
Initial release date: July 9, 2013
Developer: Valve Corporation
Designer: IceFrog
Genre: Multiplayer online battle arena
Publisher: Valve Corporation
Engine: Source 2
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Q. When did you start playing dota?
A. Since 2015.
Q. Favorite hero?
A. Ogre Magi, Lion, Rubick, I'm playing support & hard support
Q. Are you a girl or boy?
A. I am a grown up person. Thank you.

»»Every Details The Hero In This Video
➤the Night Stalker, is a melee strength hero, renowned for being a very potent ganker once night falls.

Unlike most other heroes in the game, Night Stalker's strength greatly fluctuates depending on the time of day. He is relatively innocuous during the day, with one of his abilities being completely disabled then while two others are heavily weakened in potency, but he quickly becomes a force to be reckoned with once the moon rises. He has a slow in Void, which allows him to hound and nuke down lone enemies who are unfortunate enough to encounter him; the slow effect is considerably more debilitating at night where a mini stun is also applied. He also has the ability to silence his foes with Crippling Fear, which drastically increases in duration at night, preventing spellcasters and even carries from retaliating against him while he lashes at them with relative impunity. His passive, Hunter In the Night, greatly boosts his movement speed and attack speed at night, allowing him to easily move around the map, to pursue and tear apart his prey. Finally, his ultimate, Dark Ascension, summons instant nighttime and hampers enemy night vision, making even the strongest enemy heroes sitting ducks for the Night Stalker and his allies. A terror in darkness, Night Stalker is the embodiment of heroes' nightmares, and one of the last things they will ever wish to encounter alone at night.
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