Boss Analysis # 50

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It's the fiftieth episode of Boss Analysis!

From bosses I love, bosses I hate, tiny bosses, huge bosses, weird bosses, boss shortcuts and many, many more, we've seen that gaming's biggest bad guys come in countless different shapes, sizes and flavours.

In this special milestone episode, I mark the occasion with one of the prototype ideas for this

Final bosses naturally want to be impressive and imposing, which pushes them towards towering over the main characters in the game. All too often, this pushes them towards a design and battle style that I refer to as the typical final boss.

I'm pretty sure you've fought one yourself at some point: big body in the background, uses two hands to attack. Sometimes the hands can be destroyed, other times you'll need to jump on them to reach the boss' they're dime a dozen in the world of gaming.

One of the ideas I had when I first thought of Boss Analysis was a video where I showed as many of these as I could think of. As this is a special episode, why not callback what might have been and make that the theme this time?

Keep in mind, like usual, there are probably a lot of these I'm forgetting about. The typical final bosses featured were the ones that came to my mind without too much thinking. Perhaps I'll include others in a future
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