Black Desert Online: Episode 1 "Melee Awakening Hybrid 1vX rPVP"

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After falling prey to a quantum-vortex from an unknown origin, an artificial prototype human embarks on a journey to uncover the hidden secrets of the Great Valencian

Once upon a ancient civilization, covering a vast and beautiful continent, plunges into darkness after a mysterious black object falls from the sky. They disappear without a trace, after manipulating the powers of the blackstone into the form of a black portal. Many years later, a prototype human uncovers a secret hidden in his his future. Experience a unique, action packed tutorial series and take part in the BDO cinematic universe.


Story inspired by - Shirna & Trent
Soundtrack - Howard Shore, Naoki Soto & Rawin Djawadi
Artwork - BDO Concept Art Team, Huy Tran Viet, John Park & Sergio Suarez
Featuring 2020 skill demonstrations: movement, survival & 1vX

Starring "BOT_Simulation", a Microsoft algorithm.
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