BBBB #302: Meeting Dávid Turczi

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Chatting about Dávid’s life, productivity, boardgames, and game design,
Daily positivity, and boardgame blethering.

Today: Meeting Dávid Turczi

I met Dávid when we were both game designers living in London, though our approaches were (and still are) incredibly different.

We will be chatting about Dávid’s life, early memories, how to stay productive, boardgame design, the nature of collaboration, and anything else that comes up.

What was Dávid’s earliest memory? What was childhood like? How has their approach changed?

How was Dávid introduced to boardgames? Why does Dávid ‘hate fun’?

What other work has Dávid done in the past and do any of these inform game creation?

What drew Dávid into boardgame design? Why does Dávid continue to make games?

What does Dávid value? What would they like to do in the future? What dream projects remain?

There may or may not be tangents.

Respectful comments and questions are welcome.
Sillier Qs in the QQQ section.

Dávid Turczi is a prolific game designer/developer and serial collaborator. Born in Hungary, lived in London, and now in Leiden. Dávid is basically obsessed with strategic games and ‘hates fun’.

Dávid has created many solo modes with his team - including Nick Shaw and John Albertson - and wants them to be properly credited on BGG to avoid confusion.

Dávid Turczi continues to work on game rules in a variety of roles, usually crafting them into a brain-burning web of intricate decisions.

Since [redacted] in 2014, Dávid has exploded onto the scene, ~10 titles already announced for 2021! Notable past games include: Anachrony, Kitchen Rush, Dice Settlers, Tekhenu, Days of Ire, Tawantinsuyu.

In 2021 alone, Dávid is working with publishers Mindclash, Board and Dice, PSC, Mighty Boards, Braincrack, Osprey, and many more.

Dávid collaborates closely with many others, such as Viktor Peter & Richard Amann, Nigel Buckle, Richard Breese, Gordon Calleja, Andrei Novac, Simone Luciani, Adam Kwapinski, David Mortimer, Thomas Vande Ginste & Wolf
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